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Content Creation


amazon prime student brand ambassador work
with wasserman next gen, march - may 2024


terrier creator program!

*music removed due to copyright reasons!

commissioned to create content as a Terrier 

Creator for the Boston University PR team, on

their Instagram and TikTok combined

following of ~230k.

Michal Golan

Michal Golan

created stop-motion videos promoting some recent jewelry drops for michal golan's

social media channels!

Personal Content Creation

I pride myself on my commitment to displaying my personal aesthetic within my work - in all facets.

I started my journey on TikTok initially posting comedy videos where I garnered small followings from funny things I shared while in high school at LaGuardia Arts. My TikTok account shifted to share more of my passion when I started posting performances at the Boston University College of Fine Arts. Now, I'm sharing day in my life content, performance videos, and clips of my songwriting on my TikTok. Check me out @mayreedie!

On Instagram, I work to create curated collages, sharing lifestyle photography and projects I work on as an actor, as well as promoting content I make for brands and individuals -- like Amazon Prime! -- and my web design & photography work. I'm constantly working to expand the types of things I share and continue to grow as a multifaceted artist, and hope to collaborate with you - and more brands - in the future.

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