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About Me

First and foremost, I am a SAG-AFTRA New York & Boston based actor, voice actor, and singer. It is due to my love of acting and creating I began developing a passion for making sure creatives are able to put their best foot forward and have the online presence they crave. Known most notably for my work on the critically acclaimed youth podcast, “The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel”,  I'm a proud alumni of LaGuardia High School as a Drama Major and working towards my BFA in Acting with a Concentration in Music Theater from Boston University’s School of Theatre. I'm represented by Boals Winnett & Associates Agency, and you can visit my acting website here.


After years of theater camp, in the Summer of 2018, after I expressed interest in photography, I was gifted a Canon 5d Mark II by my godfather on the condition that I took a course learning how to properly use it. I enrolled in the New York Film Academy's High School Photography intensive, and spent 4 weeks in the Battery Park area of New York City learning the basics of photography mechanics, photo composition, and editing and retouching. I started a photography Instagram (as so many teens do), and began offering $5 photoshoots to my friends in the Fall to begin building a portfolio.

That same summer, I realized I needed to create a website and start building my online presence as an actor. I took the summer to self teach myself three web design platforms - Wix, Squarespace, and GoDaddy. I loved designing. I loved creating an aesthetic and seeing how individualized I could make something from a simple template. It was like a big puzzle.

Throughout high school, I offered my knowledge of web design to various people - mainly, friends of my parents (ie. older people who were overwhelmed by web design). My speedy hand and my keen eye for creativity was able to develop tons of interesting sites for various creatives.


During my freshman year of college at Boston University, I began building sites for my fellow acting student friends and expanding my outreach. I started taking quick headshots, snapped a few pics for a photo dress, and began falling back in love with photography. I am a member of the Boston University Terrier Creator Program and create social media content for @bostonu on IG.

When not acting, I now work as a freelance web designer, creator, and photographer for students and those on a budget. Thanks for checking my site out, and if you think I'd be a good fit for a service that you need, reach out!


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