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made by mairéad

media, made simple.

If you find yourself overwhelmed by the many options to utilize in order to build your online image, let me take the lead! 


Specializing in web design, content creation, and photography.​

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Web Design.

I specialize in web design for actors, and have also built for musicians, filmmakers, and writers. I have been building and managing websites since I was 14 years old. In addition to building your website based off of your input & desires, I will teach you to easily manage and edit your website and domain ownership in the future.


I am offering a flat rate of $40 dollars for current college and high school students - prices would go up to $50 if website material is in excess. For anyone other than students, my pricing is $30 per hour. Sites typically take between 3-8 hours to make, depending on client’s need. 


Photography & Videography

I work with my Canon 5d Mark II. If you are in need of quick recent photos in a headshot style, or modeling digitals, I'm your gal. I have trained at the New York Film Academy's photography program, and am skilled at photoshop and retouching through Adobe. 

I also provide low cost reel filming and am available for hire for other video projects.


Camera Rates

My headshot, modeling digital, and reel filming service is best fit for NYC or Boston based students. If you're in need of a quick fix to submit for a project or agency, I'm your girl.


Prices fluctuate depending on need.


For headshot style photography, my rates are $50 dollars for a 30 minute shoot and ten retouched photos of your choice. All photos from your shoot will be made easily downloadable.


For modeling digitals, my rate is $20 for a 20 minute shoot and 18-20 photos of your choice. 

For any other photography & videography, contact me to discuss rates.

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